KKDay NEWEST Promo Codes for 2019


We’ll be updating this article every time we hear about a new promotion or discount code from KKDay. Bookmark this page and keep checking back for special offers.

Below are KKDay latest promo codes and deals for May 2019:

  1. Get 20% OFF on Sakura activity by entering code KKSAKURACode is copied at check out. Offer ends 8 March 2019.
  2. Winter discount on Nami Island trip: Chance to enjoy your trip and stay in a hanok-style boutique hotel, Hotel Jeonggwanru. From now to further notice. Book now, think later!
  3. Get up to 70% off on designated coupon codes for travel activities (Tokyo, Seoul, New York, Vietnam,…). Get the list of offers when you pay with DBS Credit Card before 31 August 2019.
  4. Enjoy up to 70% off designated destination vouchers & travel products, when you pay with DBS Credit Card. Offer period: from now until 31 August 2019. Book now and enjoy the offer.
  5. Citi World Card Member Promotions: Promo code CITIWORLD12, get 12% Off selected seasonal tours and activities; Promo code CITIWORLD6 with 6% Off experience and day trip products; Promo code CITIWORLD5, enjoy 5% Off selected ticket and restaurant products. Offer ends 31 March 2019. Book now.
  6. Offer for BOC Hong Kong Airlines Visa Card cardholders: Save up to 50% off on travel activities and more. Use 16 digits of your Visa Card number to get your own coupon code and book now. Promotion period: Until 31 December 2019. Redeem period: 31 January 2020.
  7. Offers for BOC Hong Kong Credit Card cardholders who also registered as a user of KKday.com in Hong Kong and Macau: Get up to 70% off upon purchase on designated tours with promo code KKBOC05Code is copied (5% off), KKBOC10Code is copied (10% off), KKBOC15Code is copied (15% off), KKBOC70Code is copied (70% off). Offer ends: From now until 31 December 2019. Book now.
  8. Offers for BEA Credit Card cardholders: Get up to 15% OFF on selected APAC activities with those code BEAHK1905Code is copied (5% OFF), BEAHK1910Code is copied (10% OFF), BEAHK1915Code is copied (15% OFF), from now to 31 December 2019.


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