Flamingo Bloom Promotions for 2020: Combo Set at $49

Flamingo Bloom Promotions for 2019

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Combo Set at $49

Enjoy Flamingo Bloom Combo Set for your choice:

  1. Combo A: Angel hair tomato soup pasta with meatballs & crab-stick
  2. Combo B: Angel hair tomato soup pasta + scrambled egg toast
  3. Combo C: Pork vegetables dumplings + scrambled egg toast

Each set includes a cup of jasmine tips green/highland oolong/chrysanthemum Yunnan black tea. For redeeming any other beverages, extra payment on the price difference is required.

Combo Set: $49
Available at 11:30 -14:30

想食得美味又健康? 不妨嚟試下我哋新推出嘅combo set啦!

  1. 番茄蟹棒雞肉丸天使麵
  2. 番茄雞肉丸天使麵+炒蛋多士
  3. 菜肉餃子+炒蛋多士


超值COMBO SET: $49

Flamingo Bloom Combo A

Flamingo Bloom Combo B

Flamingo Bloom Combo C